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The Acts 1:8 Challenge is an opportunity for Southern Baptist churches to declare their commitment to a comprehensive missions strategy in their community (Jerusalem), state (Judea), continent (Samaria) and world (ends of the earth).
Amaxa Leadership will work with you to discover who you are, where you need to go, and how to get there. This ministry is dedicated to helping you succeed through building relationships, encouraging you toward your goals, and raising you up as a leader. Its purpose is to coach you to reach your maximum potential as a leader! (Proverbs 27:17)
Coaching and encouraging leaders to reach their maximum potential.
Easter offering for North American missions.
The greatest message ever given to 228 million lost souls in North America. The Missionary Mobilization Group represents pathways of service to on mission Christians who prayerfully consider Answering the Call.
The purpose of this site is simple—to provide pastors and churches with a resource they can utilize to plan a special evangelistic event called “Baptism Celebration.”
The Baptist General Convention of Texas is a fellowship of Southern Baptist Churches throughout Texas.
Baptist Men On Mission (BMEN) are the men of the church taking seriously God’s call to be the husbands, fathers, mentors and churchmen who He has charged them to be. Being a godly man is the foundation to being part of the Baptist Men On Mission, because a godly man will be a godly husband, a godly father, and a godly mentor.
A news service written and edited by staff members at the Southern Baptist Convention in Nashville, Tennessee
We provide outreach strategy for students to use at school. That's it. We do this several ways: Campus Revolution/FISH Evangelism Strategy
As a ministry of the North American Mission Board, the Church Finance Ministry provides consulting and financial resources to SBC churches
Your one stop shop for church planting
A predator safe testimony site with thousands of youth boldly sharing their faith in Christ on the worldwide web.
An online community allowing teens to share their story with other teens.
R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. This site is very timely with a Conservative Christian perspective on current events that effect all of us.
The online community for Evangelism Response Center volunteers and leaders.
An alternative URL for The Kristo, a Flash-based evangelistic presentation.
A response to Dr. James Dobson's concern for the American family
Get access to a free Bible Commentary
An online magazine for students
An online evangelistic presentation
The International Mission Board (IMB) is the international missions agency of the Southern Baptist Convention.
Children's mission education
Lake Lavon Baptist Encampment, Inc. is a facility that provides a place where churches and church organizations can empower Kingdom Growth through evangelism and discipleship in the Name of Jesus Christ.
The purpose of Leadership Now is to help build a community of leaders by developing people at all levels of society. In addition to articles and other thought starters, you will find the LeaderShop full of resources to help you on your journey. The LeaderShop provides resources for developing leadership skills and for understanding the issues of our times.
LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention is one of the world’s largest providers of Christian products and services.
Issues that face bi-vocational pastors.
Provides SS teachers with up to the minute ideas and applications to the Sunday School lessons.
More Bible search and idea resources than one can imagine. It can quickly become your "first place to stop" as you begin building sermons, preparing Bible studies, soling church administration issues..
The Missions Prep Network (MPN) is a resource for the next generation of spiritual leaders who have been called by God to serve around the world. Southern Baptist students currently enrolled in high school, college or seminary, exploring or pursing God's call to a Christian-related vocation, are eligible to join the MPN.
Exits as a resource to equip and encourage Christ-like leaders.
The North American Mission Board (NAMB) is the domestic missions agency of the Southern Baptist Convention.
Online home for ON MISSION Magazine
Here you will find information concerning the missions and evangelism opportunities and events for the churches of the Fannin Baptist Association, Texas state conventions, and Southern Baptist Convention. We hope you find your time spent here a blessing. Feel free to browse through the various areas of our website and learn more about our team and the missions and evangelism opportunities in which we are involved.
Home of the Royal Amabassadors mission education strategy for boys
Journal of the Southern Baptist Convention
Home page for NAMB's Mission Education initiatives
A site helping students reach other students with the Good News of Jesus Christ
Offical Website of the Southern Baptist Convention. The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) has over 16 million members who worship in more than 42,000 churches in the United States.
A network created to benefit churches seeking to improve or expand their missionary ministries and, also for the benefit of Southern Baptist missionaries who wish to inform the churches of their needs and opportunities.
The SBTC exists to facilitate, extend and enlarge the Great Commission ministries of the Southern Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist churches and associations of Texas.
As the largest theological seminary in the world, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary provides theological education for individuals engaging in Christian ministry.
A collection of online Gospel presentations.
A Flash Gospel presentation geared towards teens... catchy music, and stunning visuals
A testimony based evangelism site where adults of all ages can share their stories of coming to faith in Jesus and a link to their church's website
The gospel presented in three minutes.