Pastor/Interim Pastor Search

When a church experiences the resignation or retirement of a pastor, one of the first questions asked is “How do we find a new pastor?” The second question asked is “What do we do until we find a new pastor?”

While every church faces this concern at some point in time, there is help and coaching available. Fannin Baptist Association provides training for both Pastor Search Teams and Transitional/Interim Pastor Search Teams. In addition, help is available to churches prior to selecting a team. Contact our Director of Missions Dr. Jerry Christopher for assistance in these areas.

Under the Info & Resource Link on our web page is a Pastor Search Team document to assist & train your search team. 

 Suggestion: Enlist one or more persons to preach the first three to four Sundays after the former pastor is gone. This will give some “breathing room” for discussing and determining a direction regarding an interim pastor.



   February 2019   
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